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Performance has been my lifelong passion, starting with my first trick at age 7, to playing music and singing since my mid teens.
In 2003, I tbecame a pro - magician after performing on a Harry Potter-themed tour. Today, I'm thrilled to offer three captivating magical experiences for your entertainment and amazement. Welcome to the world of wonder.

The Triad of Magic

Three great ways that you can step into my world of magic and wonder

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Magic Everywhere

Magical, mesmerising and not without mirth.

A wonderful weaving of wonder, Magic Everywhere is an hour long show that blends sleight of hand, mind-reading and a little escapology. Suitable for most ages, with my warm, friendly and humorous approach this is a great show for any family event, evening function, fun day or festival.

Contact Rob today to experience the Magic Everywhere show at your event.

Magic Everywhere

Close Up Magic

Street Hypnosis

Close Up

Blending sleight of hand, mind reading and hypnosis to create a unique experience of magic. My approach is both friendly and informal. Whether I appear with full wizard coat or a little more casually dressed. Whatever the occassion or event this apporach to magic brings magic closer than ever, enchanting and enthrawling all who join in.

Past Clients

Coca - Cola




Shropshire Law Society

Shropshire Festivals

London & Cambridge Institute of Directors

Farmer Phil's Festival


Inspired by the 1972 Philip experiment, Enigma is so special it has it's own website. Visit it to learn more.


One Man & His Guitar

Performing Music since 1992

From heavy metal, blues bands and a voyage into acid jazz Rob has been performing music ever since he left school.  He now offers a great night of musical entertainment, engaging, uplifting and a whole lot of fun.

Contact Rob

Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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