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Eliminate your fears, Online Affordable Hypnosis

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Considering hypnotherapy?

Wondering if Online hypnosis works?

Read on and discover this exciting way to access the change work you deserve.

If you think of hypnosis as some strange power then you may be mistaken to believe you need to be face to face with the hypnotist. Yet the truth is that hypnosis has little to do with strange powers, and all to do with communication.

Hypnotists have been successfully treating people over the telephone for years, so when we look at modern technology, being able to see the client ads advantages to the session. Having worked with people with little or no vision and still had great results it really does not matter whether you can see your hypnotist or not. When you think about it, the majority of sessions are done with eyes closed.

In hypnosis you are guided into relaxation and the mind is given a focus, this focus is the idea of change, where you want to be in life. Communicating with your unconscious mind, the hypnotist will help access the resources you have to make the changes you seek. Having helped someone quit smoking via text, I personally know it really is down to the communication.

Do not get me wrong, there will always be something about being in the same room as your therapist, after all we are social creatures. However, in the modern day world life, work, time factors can make it difficult to get the time we need. After all, it is not just the hour of the session you need from your day. You will have to travel, park, possibly walk to the hypnotherapists place of practice. So an hour appointment can take a couple of hours at least out of your day. Add into this the cost of travel and the fee for the appointment. You are worth more than that which you will pay and the time you will give to your wellbeing and mental health, however, sometimes life does just not allow for it.

Online Hypnosis Sessions are affordable, and if you lead a busy life, or have difficulty accessing and travelling they are a great alternative to enable you to work with me, for whatever purpose you want hypnosis. Wherever you are in the world, be it for general relaxation, personal/ spiritual development or working with anxiety, fears and phobias you can get in touch and get the help and guidance you want.

Also, when we think about online hypnosis, there is also a huge area of downloadable audio hypnosis products that people like Pauk McKenna have released. These are highly successful, how much better to be speaking to your therapist live. Also a lot of hypnotists will send you away with an audio to use between sessions. However, I trust the work we do will be enough and so do not issue them myself.

The best way to benefit from Online Hypnosis is to get in touch and to do it. Drop me a message once you have read this, I am happy to answer any questions so you can start your hypnosis journey with me today.

Book, Change, Feel Good.

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