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Hypnotherapy-How many sessions?

Hello, if you are considering hypnotherapy for whatever reason you will probably be wondering, how many sessions should I take?

I thought I would take a few moments to share some information with you that will help you when you come to make that decision.

In the past when you went to a hypnotherapist you would be told that you would need a minimum of 6-8 sessions. You would spend your first session just talking, then the next couple of sessions learning how to relax and go into hypnosis. So by your fourth session you may actually start working on your problem. The remaining sessions would consist of constantly repeating suggestions until they registered with your unconscious mind.

However, things change, learning and understanding grows as those who are passionate about hypnosis, change work and personal growth refine techniques and explore new ways of working.

If today you enquire about hypnotherapy and are told that you will require a minimum of 6 or more sessions then my advice is walk away. With modern developments and understanding the majority of problems can be resolved within 1 to 3 sessions. With a large majority of hypnotherapists getting the result their client desires within 1 session.

If you are told that it will take half a dozen or more sessions, personally I feel the integrity or training of the therapist is in question. After all, if someone tells you something that can be fixed in 1 session will take 6 it is more money for them. However this is dishonest. A hypnotherapy practitioner should be working constantly with their own personal development and ongoing training. If a therapist is using old, outdated methods that will take as long as 6 sessions or more, can you trust someone who is not prepared to update their training to do the best possible job for you?

Another thing to consider is if you are offered cd's/ audio. There are modern approaches to rapid transformation that give you one face to face session and then send you off with a CD to listen to for a set period of time. Saying that it takes just one session. Yet, every time you listen to that CD it is a session. What is more, it is very easy if the therapy does not work for the therapist to blame the client for not doing as requested, so just be careful. A good hypnotherapist will do the work in session with no need for CD's. However this is not the same as if they offer you one for general relaxation, which maybe for your general benefit.

A good hypnotherapist will guide you to the solution you desire within 1 to 3 sessions. Deep relaxation can be achieved in minutes within the therapy room, no need for a whole session. A session will usually be anything from 45mins-hour and a half.

When I see clients I let them know that I aim to get the result they want as quickly as possible. To allow for 1 to 3 sessions, however when we get the result in the first session they are not obliged to attend the others, unless there is something else they would like to work on. On the rare occasion that we may get to the third session and need more this will be discussed with the client, it maybe a referral is needed.

Whether working online or face to face, a hypnotherapist should want the very best for their client. To help facilitate their journey, using the very best techniques available.

If you would like to find out more about hypnotherapy, hypnosis training, spiritual development and personal development, contact me. Where ever you are in the world I look forward to hearing from you.


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