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The iMeditate Club - 3 Steps to Better Meditation

In the midst of our fast-paced lives, finding solace in meditation often becomes a quest for self-improvement. The iMeditate Club invites you to shift the narrative, encouraging you to let go of certain habits in favor of a more joyful and present meditation experience. Here are three steps that redefine the way you approach meditation.

Step 1: Release the Ego's Grasp 🌿

The first step to better meditation involves releasing the ego's tight grip. We challenge the notion that meditation is a tool for self-improvement. Instead, let go of the need to gratify the ego or achieve a specific outcome. Embrace the simplicity of sitting in stillness without the pressure to mold yourself into someone 'better' or master a certain practice to achieve enlightenment. A goal is a destination for ego.

Practice Tip: Dedicate a session to simply being present without any agenda. Release the need to achieve, change, or fix anything. Let the ego take a back seat as you surrender to the pure experience of meditation.

Step 2: Stop Meditating for a Purpose 🧘‍♂️

Stop meditating with a purpose in mind, in fact stop even trying to meditate. The idea is not to use meditation as a means to an end but to revel in the process itself. Release the desire for specific outcomes or achievements. The journey of meditation is not a checklist; it's a continuous flow. Allow yourself to be, without striving for an imagined goal.

Practice Tip: Choose a session where your only goal is to enjoy the act of meditation. Let go of any expectations and embrace the freedom that comes with meditating without a specific purpose.

Step 3: Have Fun, Just Because 🌬️

In the iMeditate Club, the ultimate step to better meditation is to have fun, just for the sake of it. Embrace the playfulness of the practice. Find joy in the simple act of sitting in stillness, allowing your breath to guide you. Meditation need not be a serious endeavor; it can be a celebration of the present moment. Enjoy it without any ulterior motives.

Practice Tip: Infuse an element of joy into your meditation routine. Experiment with different styles, play calming music, or even incorporate gentle movements. Let go of the seriousness and relish the experience with a light heart.

At iMeditate, we believe that meditation is not a means to an end but a journey into the joy of being. By releasing the ego's grip and embracing meditation for the sheer pleasure of it, you unlock a world of tranquility and self-discovery. Join us in rediscovering the essence of meditation - a joyful celebration of the present moment. Happy meditating! 🌟 If you sign up to The iMeditate Club today you can enjoy a guided session to help you shift into the enjoyment of meditation. WATCH HERE....

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