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The Keys to Your Reality

Updated: Jan 29

Most of us are familiar with the idea that we only use a small amount of our minds true potential. Yet how many of is know how to use the bit we do correctly. The following is a brief guide to how to use your mind effectively and powerfully.

The Subconscious mind is a vast repository of possibility and power. You literally have within your mind a tool that can change your experiencing of you, which in turn will change your life experience. I am not saying you can change reality, but you can change your self, which in turn will transform how you experience reality and how you live your life. The subconscious mind protects us, unfortunately it does not always act in our best interest. With a natural inclination to pattern match, often we will have reacted in a certain way to a certain situation, our subconscious mind will then cause us to react in that way to any situation that seems similar. Which then forms behavioral habits. These habits can be beneficial, or if the founding experience had a negative edge can hold us back and affect how we experience the present. Rather than experiencing every new moment as a fresh experience, the past is allowed to taint the moment. If that past is one that holds fear, hurt or other negative experiences then a moment of possible new potential and opportunity maybe lost due to accessing those past moments.

The wonderful thing is that we can work with our subconscious minds, we can create a new reality, reprogramming ourselves, freeing us from past patterns, habits and behaviors and creating an us that lives more fully, more authentically. Take for instance a grey and rainy day.  You may wake, look out the window and tell yourself that this is a grey, miserable day, your subconscious mind will evoke all the past grey miserable days and all the negative feelings associated with this from the past. You get out of bed and everything is an effort. Alternatively you can wake up on the same morning, see the rain and clouds and think about how amazing it is that we have this life sustaining rain, that were it not for the rain we would not live in such a green and pleasant land (based on being in Britain.) You may think about how those small rain drops join streams and rivers, flowing into the sea, all the life that the sea holds and marvel at how amazing life is. Just this change in thinking, just this change in WHAT YOU TELL YOURSELF will send you off into the day feeling good.

5 keys to your reality.

1. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between dreaming and waking. To your subconscious mind, if you imagine it, it is real. I want you to imagine having lost something important to you. Not a memory, but imagine having lost something you possess at the moment, or someone if you really want to go there. Notice all the feelings that are associated with that loss, notice that just as you start to imagine it, the longer you spend on it, the more you actually start to feel those feelings. Now stop that and start to imagine having achieved something, a goal, notice how as you start to really picture that moment, as though it was now you start to experience the birth of those positive emotions. What we tell our subconscious mind becomes our experience. If you imagine being able to fly like a bird you may be disappointed, but tell yourself that you feel good and today is a good day and you will begin to experience that.

2. Have you ever made a goal, told yourself that in a few weeks time you will do..... Did it happen? Consciously we know that achieving things takes time. Our conscious is that logical, analytical part of our minds, it does not dream, it dissects. It is also aware of the transition of time., To the subconscious everything is now, there is no recognition of past or future. So allow a memory to haunt you and you experience its affect now, even though you consciously know it is not happening in the present. So if you tell yourself I will do this, I will make that you are only communicating with your conscious reality. The real power in achieving success and transformation lies in the subconscious mind. So when setting goals, or working on your personal development it is important when imagining and picturing to see yourself having already made that change/ having achieved now, in this moment. For example, you want to feel more confident when you next go out for a drink. If you say to yourself, " I will be more confident when I next go out out for a drink, picturing that time in the future you are only engaging a fraction of your potential. Alternatively, spend some time each day saying, "I am confident now, having a drink with friends." Imagining being with your friends and seeing yourself as that confident you, you are more likely to affect that change in your life. So if you were work with affirmations & suggestion or visualisation, be in the present, work in the present tense. Then you are connecting with the reality of your subconscious.

3. Your subconscious mind does not contain the truth about reality, it presents to you the reality you have told yourself and been told. Imagine you have been told that you should not eat curry from an early age, that it burns and is not pleasant. Due to this you have never eaten it, when you are at college your new friends say they are all going out for a curry, you decline because curry is bad and burns. You have missed out on an experience because of the limiting belief about curry, the truth is there are lots of different curries, yes some are hot, some are not. Now apply this idea to other areas of life. Ever find yourself talking yourself out of a situation because you do not feel good enough, or just plain telling yourself,"I can't do it." Our experience of reality is literally limited by our imaginations. Our beliefs are both a blessing and a curse. How much more life could you be experiencing if you were able to change those limiting ideas. So next time you had an opportunity to try something new you were able to embrace the opportunity fully, rather than letting past programming from yourself and others hold you back.

The thing is you can. It is possible to start reprogramming the subconscious mind, being aware of our limiting thoughts and ideas. Using the imagination, being aware of how what we tell ourselves, what we imagine to be true for us becomes true.

4. You can do it, you can do it, you can do it.  Repetition... The beliefs that hold you back are a result of things others have told you and your own experiencing. If you tell yourself something once it does not mean much. repeat it a couple of times you may recall it. Repeatedly tell yourself something is a certain way and it will become that. At school I was told that I could not sing by the music teacher, pretty damning really. I could have just accepted that, telling myself at every opportunity not to do it. This would have become my reality, I would get to later in my life and feel a frustration, may even have developed a resentment for music because deep down inside I wanted to sing. Fortunately, I am stubborn, despite being told that it was something I enjoyed and so I continued on, always with the belief I could sing. Now at age 42 I have been singing and performing with music for over 20 years. I have performed to up to 3000 people in one audience and the one compliment I get more than any other is what an amazing voice I have. The danger with negative ideas is we repeat them till we believe them, then we give up.

5. For those who are spiritually inclined the subconscious if the gateway to our higher selves. Think about meditation, first challenge, getting past the thinking mind. A lot of people give up because they tell themselves they cannot do it. So if you are starting to meditate, before you try to meditate, imagine, picture yourself as though you are meditating now. How you feel, how you look, tell yourself, "I enjoy meditation, I am someone who experiences deep levels of meditation, effortlessly and easy. Talk yourself into it, not out of it. The true self is that part of us that is the observer, depending upon your path this can be interpreted as the fully functioning self, the universe, spirit, divinity. The universe/ God/ Higher self communicates through the subconscious mind. It is through the vastness of inner space that we can connect to something that is more than we believe ourselves to be. By taking an active control of inner reality we literally have the ability to create the us we wish to be. I am not saying this in any Law of Attraction. cosmic ordering kind of way. Having money is not being the you that makes you happy, it is just possession. But with a greater understanding of the subconscious mind you can become a you that is no longer affected by their past, who lives in the present and shapes their experience. The universe is rarely just going to give you a £1000, but you can become the you that has the resources to generate that £1000. What is more, you can enjoy creating it. How? By telling yourself that this journey of life is fun, that you enjoy the challenges as much as the good times. You have the power to shape your experience of your reality.

One of the great tools for taking active control of our experiencing is through hypnosis, self hypnosis and also meditation. To find out about about making changes to your life click HERE.

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