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The Right Choice - finding your hypnotist.

There are a number of reasons people seek the help of a hypnotist. At the heart of any enquiry lies the desire for life to be a little or a lot better than it currently is.

If you are accessing hypnosis to help with mind coaching and achieving goals it is because you want to improve.

Alternatively if you are seeking help with anxiety, trauma, healing the past or stopping a bad habit or smoking then it is also due to the same fact that you want to improve some aspect of life. And why not, it is good to keep working on ourselves, mentally, emotionally and physically, your wellbeing is most important.

Once you have decided that you want to explore the hypnosis route how do you go about choosing the right hypnotist and mind coach for you? In the following I want to share some questions that you can be asking to help you get the right support that you require.

  1. How long have you been working as a hypnotist & mind coach?

Ideally you want someone with more than a couple of years experience.

Although the length of time someone has been doing something is no complete guarantee of ability, if someone has been practicing for 6 years or more there is a good chance that they are getting things right.

If ever someone is a little defensive when you ask, go else where.

2. What Training have they done.

Ask what training the hypnotist has done and whether they do ongoing professional development.

If they did a two week course online then you probably want to go elsewhere. You want a hypnotist who is happy to talk about their training and ongoing development.

Someone who did a course 20 years ago and has not kept up with new breakthroughs, techniques and understanding may not be the best person for you.

3. Why did you become a hypnotist?

If the response is for the money then walk away. You can gain a lot of insight into the answer of this question.

If the hypnotist gives reasons such as believing in human potential, to help others better their lives, to make a difference then their motivations are in the right place.

4. Is this something you have helped with before?

A straight forward question. It is not to say that a great hypnotist cannot help you with something that they have not worked with before, however it is worth checking in and seeing how you feel once they have answered the question.

5. How will the hypnotist help you achieve your goal?

After an initial chat the hypnotist should be able to tell you a brief overview of how they will help you achieve your goal. If an aspect of that does not resonate with you then say, that does not feel like it would help. The hypnotist can discuss things further to fine tune the approach.

6. Number of Sessions

It can be difficult to give an exact number when it comes to how many sessions as we are all different. Often with hypnosis results can be achieved really quickly. For others it may take longer. Be wary of definite answers especially if they give a big number.

When it comes to choosing your hypnotist and mind coach always take into account word of mouth, recommendations etc. Check to see if the hypnotist is on Google My Business . Often if they are then check to see if they have reviews. One or two may make you think about someone else, however if they have 10 or more this can be a little more re-assuring in deciding which hypnotist is right for you.

And, also remember to trust your gut feeling. Once you have spoken to a couple of hypnotists which one do you feel is the right one for you, this alone can make a big difference in getting the results that you can get.

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