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Thought you could not change? Well you were wrong.

Well, neuroscience does it again. The more we discover the more that we can see that some of our more ancient religions had got it write.

This time research conducted by Evan Thompson of the University of British Columbia has confirmed the Buddhist teaching of Non-Self.

Buddhism teaches that nothing is constant, everything changes, that you have a constantly changing stream of consciousness.

In this latest research neuroscience confirms that the brain and body are in a state of constant change. There is nothing that indicates that there is a never changing self.

So what does this mean in relation to IMeditate, change work and hypnosis?

If you work with this idea it means that you are not a fixed expression of who you are. It liberates you from defining yourself and limiting yourself by saying this is who I am, because who you are is in constant flux.

How often do you hear people say that it is just the way they am, that they cannot change? The truth of the matter is that they can and do change, in fact it is impossible to stay the same.

To work with the reality that you are constant change is to be liberated from the restrictions of the past that held you back and leads to infinite possibilities. You are not defined by your thoughts or who you think you are. You can change!

Buddhist monks have known for centuries that the mind can be changed through various techniques. Neuroscience now validates this belief calling it neuroplasticity.

This ability we all have allows us to evolve and grow, to overcome bad habits, behaviours, anxieties and fears.

Through meditation, hypnosis, self hypnosis, NLP and other techniques of mind we have the ability to shape our experience of our selves, in turn shaping our realities.

The world if in the palm of your hand, the question is just, when do you want to start taking control of your personal change and experience?

If you feel, now is the time, then get in touch to start your mind coaching and learn the techniques that will put you in control of your reality.

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This is really fascinating. I think it's very common for people to feel like they are stuck and cannot change. I know I personally have spent 15 years doing diets on and off and I have not got the results I wanted. I started thinking it just wasn't going to be possible for me to ever lose weight and I gave up. Whilst it is true that I have some health related disadvantages which make weight loss difficult, I have now decided that it IS POSSIBLE. If something is not 100% impossible, it must be possible!

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