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Are you Living in the Past?

Do past hurts and traumas stop you from enjoying the present?


What are some of the signs that you need to heal your past?


Conversations seem to revert back to past situations.

Your repeat bad relationships with those who hurt you.

Keep arguing over past events. Bored or frustrated.

Comparing your past with your present.

Past traumas or painful events replay in your mind.

You self-sabotage.

Emotional triggers cause thoughts from the past.

Relationships are used to fill an emptiness or avoid being alone.

Always expecting something bad to happen.

Feel anxious or act impulsively.

Regret impulsive choices.

All or nothing thinking about new people or new experiences.



So what are the benefits of making the decision today to take a journey to heal your past?


Acceptance of past without the pain

Discover new emotions that allow you to experience life more fully

Letting go of fear and upset

Being more present, living in the now

Able to deal with life's challenges easily

Realise bad moments do pass, they are not forever

Sleep well Let go of feelings of anger or depression

Relationships become healthier and happier

Physical ailments can improve, aches and pains, headaches etc can disappear

Learn the lessons of the past and use them as a means to your personal growth Become more positive and relaxed with life

Focus on life in a positive way, looking toward new skills and learning rather than obstacles and suffering

Making big changes in life that in the past you may have avoided

Be happy; good things have happened and will happen in your future

Enjoy life.


If you are ready to heal your past, and move into a brighter future then this five week hypnotic journey program is for you.


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Journey to Healing Your Past Complete Program

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