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The iMeditate Club
Upcoming Events.

Join me for an uplifting afternoon retreat on Sunday, April 28th, where we'll gather virtually via Zoom for an immersive journey of relaxation and rejuvenation. This unique online experience blends the transformative practices of meditation, hypnosis, and distance Reiki to help you unwind, refresh, and reconnect with your inner peace.


Whether you're seeking relief from stress, a moment of tranquility, or simply a chance to nourish your soul, this retreat offers the perfect opportunity to step back from the busyness of life and prioritize your well-being.


Best of all, it's accessible to everyone—non-iMeditate members are welcome to join for a small fee of £15, while subscribing members can attend free of charge as part of their membership benefits. Don't miss this chance to invest in yourself and emerge feeling recharged and ready to embrace life with renewed vitality. Reserve your spot today and gift yourself the gift of self-care and relaxation.

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Weekly iMeditate Events

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Online via zoom these great sessions are available to all iMeditate members. You can join them live or you can watch them again in the members area giving you the fexibility to make your wellness work for you.

Coming in 2024

The iMeditate Club Reiki 1 Shoden (Certificated)

An 8 month course diving into the teachings of the Usui Reiki system and building a strong foundation for your journey of personal and spiritual within Reiki.

The iMeditate Club - The Magic of Self Hypnosis

The iMeditate Club - Retreats both online and real world

Join the iMeditate Club today and get free access and discounts to all iMeditate Club Events.

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