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Arghh.... I am stuck!

No matter how well prepared sometimes we can feel stuck.

Sometimes we can feel we are doing everything possible but still not getting anywhere. So I wanted to share with you a few of my own thoughts around feeling stuck, in any aspect of your life.

In rigidity we get trapped, the illusion of life becomes that we believe we are doing all we can, what else can we possibly do? Yet this is not so. By flexing, moving with the wind we grow, adapt and throve. If the goal is there, how many more paths to that happiness can exist?

But how do we flex?  By letting go of the times we find ourselves saying, I can't or I do not know. I cant's implies you have given up, even if it takes tinme there is always a way to achieve that thing that you wish to, tune your radio to I can, and before to long you will be finding new solutions. I don't know is not a dead end, it should be followed with, but I can find out. Never be afraid to ask for help or guidance, there will alwyas be someone out there who is willing to share that one bit of information that may be the key to you moving forward. Remeber the goal is your happiness, the journey will be rich and you will learn and grow aling the way, but you may not always want to do those things that are necessary to move you forward. Beware of this, if you are saying I cannot, or I dont want to, there is a good chance that the solution that frees you up lies in that direction. 

Focusing upon your goals

If you are focusing upon your goal/ goals then allow the way to lead you. I want to do x, but the money is not coming in at the moment to make it happen. So how do you get that money in, there are always options. It may mean doing something you do not want to for a while, but it is all experience and you can choose to enjoy it or not. At the end of the day it is only ourselves that chain our reality. Consciously or Unconsciously. If you are feeling fear in a certain direction, go there, the resistance you feel is telling you something. If you think you are doing your best but still not getting where you want to be, do not lot let but if I do this become your mantra. Let As I do this it will lead to this become your guiding thought. If you are thinking you are doing your best and you are not getting there, there is still something more to be done. Step outside the walls you have built around you, go to the place that feels uncomfortable because that is where your next lesson and step lie.

Embrace opportunity, look for those that make you come alive, fill you with excitement, a little nervousness and then go there, step into thos experiences. You are the path and you are the obstacle. Do not hide from the world, a torch is only useful when there are people there to use it. And if you believe one hundred percent that you are right and there is nothing more you can do you are either not living your true purpose, or, you have to ask yourself, "If I am right now, how much more right can I be in the future?"

And look after you, the better place you  are in, the more you will find life flowing, those things you strive for being more in reach. Take care of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. See the life you are a part of as the great teacher, your lessons being played out within it.

Find that fear, that step you feel most reluctant to take and take it, let go of fear and just do it.

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