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Imagination & the Keys to Inner Alchemy

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

I remember running a workshop for 3Mobile's marketing department. It was about relaxation, at a certain point there were 120 people stood, all of them with their hands stuck together. No matter how hard they tried, no one could separate their hands.

Just in case you think I made that up, here is the photo from the workshop.

Another time at a weekend yoga festival, a different group of people all found that there hands were as magnets and there was nothing they could do to stop them coming together.

Here they are.

So, why I am I telling you this?

What has two different groups of people, from two different areas of life have to do with Imagination and the Keys to Inner Alchemy.

Let me tell you...

There is one thing that all of these people have in common, not just with each other, but with you, me and everyone.


Everyone of the people in these groups and the countless others I have shared this with were asked to do one simple thing. To imagine what it would be like, if their hands were magnets, and they could not pull them apart,

That is it, just imagine.

The Imagination is the powerhouse of our experiencing. An imagination out of control can create monsters where there are none, fears where there is no need and limitations that just do not exist.

Alternatively, the imagination can help us achieve, to create wonders and live the best life that we can, well, imagine.

However, we are not taught in schools how to harness this vast creative power. I know, vast creative power may sound like an exaggeration, but take a moment to think about this.

The device you are reading this on, was just an idea, someone imagined what if, and now we can communicate with friends all over the world in real time. The internet, once a dream, now where would we be without it.

The house you live in was once the imaginings of an architect. The clothes you wear were once the dreams of the designer. In fact, there is nothing in this world that we as a species use, own or enjoy that was not at some point, just an imagining, a thought, that became a reality.

This ability to imagine, transforms not just lives, but has transformed the whole of the planet.

The sorry side of this is that the arts are being less funded, less taught in schools than ever before. And yet, there are not many jobs and careers where the ability to imagine, to create is not important. In fact, were it not for your ability to imagine, visualise you would not be able to communicate, language would be a useless and non existent form of communication.

Even down to choosing to get up, first thing you have to do is imagine yourself, getting up and then the action follows.

An ability that has led to amazing technology, amazing medical ability, breakthroughs that only a few decades ago would have seemed impossible, all down to the thing we call imagination.

Just think about it for a minute.

If you could turn that vast powerful force inward, what changes could you make?

The fact is, we already do. However, with often little understanding of how, or even that we are doing this.

Have you ever thought there is something holding you back, yet never quite put your finger upon what?

There is. It is you, what is more it is your imagination. As long as you are imagining there is something holding you back you will find something holding you back. As you imagine there are things to be anxious about, you will be anxious.

Yet this amazing tool is firstly yours, secondly can be used, to facilitate powerful personal transformation. To activate your personal alchemy.

Part of the work of IMeditate is to equip and inform practitioners how to utilise this ability. Firstly to help and improve your meditation practice, and then to benefit your life.

As we have been informed by mystics for millennia, all is mind. Part of the journey of the Yoga of the West is to learn to utilise the mind, the imagination and inner states of awareness to access the higher self and to within this lifetime experience union, unity with all that is.

"Just my imagination once again runnin' way with me

Just my imagination runnin' away with me"

The Temptations

The temptations quote above gives one way you can live your life. Allowing your imagination to just run away with you.

Alternatively, through meditation, self hypnosis and the other techniques shared within IMeditate you can learn to have your imagination work for you, powerfully.

The keys to your personal alchemy lie with you, within your imagination. The magic of personal transformation is their, it leaves just a few questions.

How much happiness, joy, success and peace can you imagine?

Whether you imagine a little, or you imagine a lot. You are correct.


If any aspect of this article has resonated with you and you would like to discuss it further why not book a chat with me.

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