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My journey...

Hey, how are you? I hope you are good? I often get asked how I came to be doing the things I do, so I thought I would share a little with you. So what do I do and where did it all start? I am a hypnotist, author and blogger, student of spirituality, and Person Centered Counselling, workshop facilitator, guest speaker and founder of Caru Druidry, I guess you can say life has always been exciting, and I have been fortunate to do many of the things I set out in life to do. From performance, music and running a pub to creating workshops and retreats both run by myself and also for the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. I guess it probably started when I was quite young, apparently as a young Rob (age 5ish) I wanted to be a priest in the church. It was this natural curiosity about life, God that developed into spending most my life reading and studying aspects of mind, spirituality, reality and consciousness. It was in 1997 I had a complete spiritual crash which left me feeling so very lost, with help from the Rev. David Wright I started to find myself again. In turn, in the Autumn of 1997 I became a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. Studying celtic spirituality, personal development and my first introduction to the work of Carl Rogers. That part of my journey has been amazing and underpinned the rest of my life. Life has not always been easy, but I can certainly say it has never been boring. For ten years I was very active within these circles. I ended up being invited to run retreats in Europe, for the Order and also running my own events. However when my then partner and I separated I stepped away from public activity. At that time my day job was that of close up magician, hypnotist and musician. On reflection the years that followed were lost years, I ran a pub for a while, I entered a number of not so great relationships and even tried my hand at marriage. In the story of Merlin he goes mad after a great battle, he goes off into the woods and for a whilst is mad, healing, learning and transforming. Looking back, I kind of lost the plot for a few years, however still the flame of life, spirituality burned within. I am telling you this because there is always a danger when we meet others we put them on a pedestal, that is why I had my first spiritual crisis, but as they say, the guru is not always the most holy looking person, the drunk in the street, the abusive bully and the addict all have a lesson for us if we choose to listen. I decided I needed to focus in again, my marriage had gone bad, we were no longer together and after a few more years of living in the wasteland (not literally) I decided I needed to take back my life. I wanted to feel alive again, to feel that connection, joy and peace. I had skills, I trained as a person centered counselor, I was a hypnotist, I had taken people on journeys of spiritual discovery and self development. This is the life I wanted to be living. It is amazing when we focus, start to listen to our hearts how we can start to shape life the way we want, It does not just happen, I do not believe that you can sit down, tell the universe you want something and it just happens, however, decide you wish to make the change, focus on it, work toward it and the world provides wonderful opportunities to grow and become the very best you. After all, a tree is the very best tree it can be, fish are the best they can be, a rock does an amazing job of being a rock, why should you not be the very best at being you? I will let you know something, you are! I since have put countless hours into my personal and spiritual development and learning. Having studied many aspects of hypnosis, trance and consciousness, discovering ways that really transform lives. Delving into ancient sciences of mind,and the latest thoughts on reality I want to be able to help you, transform yourself, it is the only change you can make. I want you to be able to find that which brings you peace, joy and ends the suffering and trials that you carry. One of the ways I have chosen to do this is through the founding of Caru Druidry, an approach to this spiritual path that steps away from the cliched paganised representation to a personal practice of development, self growth and understanding. As a path of wholeness and union, I believe druidry to be more a path of self realisation,similar to the vedic and yogic traditions. Today I work with people all over the world, helping them transform aspects of their lives. Releasing people from the conditioned limitations they have had put upon themselves, from their fears and helping them start to love who they are, to grow in confidence, transforming their inner worlds and empowering them to live authentically in a world of many challenges. I don't know whether we will chat and work together today, or in 6 months time. But I do know, that if you feel any resonance or feel I can be of help to you then now is the only time you have, the only time we all have so what better time to get in touch. Many blessings Rob

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