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Unlock Inner Peace from Your Living Room: The iMeditate Club's Path to Personal Transformation!

Inner Peace & Change can happen from the comfort of your own living room!


The iMeditate Club makes it easy to explore personal growth, meditation  and access coaching and hypnosis.What makes this great is that you no longer need commute to appointments and classes, or rearrange your schedule. just to make a session.


“If you correct your mind,

the rest of your life will fall into place.”  

Lao Tzu

Technology has made accessing meaningful transformation more accessible

than ever before – with one click you’re on track towards unleashing hidden

potentials and connecting with an inner peace that is yours, it always has been.


Meditation, Hypnosis and Coaching are more effective online because:

·       Once the process begins, you close your eyes and you listen to the

session. So, if that's the case, once your eyes close, it's basically the same


·       The inner peace and change that you seek does not take place in an office or in a therapy room. It takes place within you.

·       All classes, workshops are recorded so you can watch again and again. Unlike real world sessions where you turn up and have to try to remember everything you are shown.

·       Time saving. Even if you live just 10 miles away if there are delays on the roads it can eat into your time, then you spend time looking for parking spaces etc. Online cuts that time, giving you more to enjoy the benefits of The iMeditate Club.


·       The challenges you face are not taking place in my office, classroom or my therapy room, they are taking place in your life, at home, where you work.


·       The benefit of online classes, coaching and hypnosis is it saves you time and it saves you money.



But what about apps?


While mental health/ wellness apps offer quick and convenient access to support, research suggests that not all interventions are created equal. A comprehensive review of almost 50,000 patients (Harvard Health Study)  in randomized controlled trials found little convincing evidence that mobile app interventions significantly improved outcomes related to anxiety, depression, or overall well-being.


At The iMeditate Club, we recognize the power of belief in the effectiveness of treatments. Studies comparing a popular meditation app to a sham version demonstrated that participants reported improved outcomes with both active and sham interventions. This underscores the importance of not just the intervention itself but the belief and engagement of the individual in the process. With The iMeditate club you get to engage with a real person and access one to one support when needed.


As we navigate the landscape of mental well-being, it's crucial to choose approaches that resonate personally. The iMeditate Club offers a holistic and supportive community, emphasizing not just the technique but the transformative journey that comes with belief and active engagement. Your well-being matters, and finding the right path is a personal exploration worth undertaking.And, at the end of the day, The iMeditate Club gives great value for your investment. A subscription fee of just £10 a month is, as one of our members said,


“The best investment I have ever made in myself.” – S.Cooke

I will be the first to say that we all need to make a living, however, we also all should be able to access support and wellness practices without being ripped off. You can  join The iMeditate Club today and start your journey to inner peace and transformation.

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