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3 Step Self Esteem Maintenance

From time to time yourself esteem can drop low, other times it can feel that you have none. 3 Step Self Esteem Maintenance will help you boost how you feel about you.

Self Esteem is how you feel about yourself. Now, I know that you are amazing, but I appreciate that you may not be feeling it. Put these 3 steps into action and re-build how you are feeling about yourself.

To boost your self esteem put these steps into action and start to feel good, Now.

Self Esteem, Self Love, call it what you will. When it is low we are limited, it gets in the way of our lives, limits our capacity for joy and personal growth. When you change how you feel about yourself your life changes for the better. When we feel good about us we tend to avoid those situations and people that make us feel down. We start to notice more opportunities in life and it can feel that we are attracting positivity and goodness into our lives.

So, if you are ready, to feel good being you and better your life read this 3 Step Guide to Self Esteem Maintenance.

Your 3 Step Self Esteem Maintenance

Just by making the choice to prioritise your self esteem you are already making moves toward feeling good.


#1: Watch that inner dialogue

Ask yourself the question,

Would I speak to others the way I speak to myself?

If your answer is no then there is a chance you are being a bully to yourself. Running yourself down, telling yourself you are not this and not that. The words we use to describe our inner experience help define that experience. So monitor yourself talk. If you find yourself being negative to yourself, stop, correct yourself gently and place a positive statement about yourself in your head instead. The negative thought patterns are just habit of thinking. Interrupt them enough and use positive statements about yourself and you can build a healthier thought habit.

Stop negative thinking, use positive self statements.

Feel good as your own positivity coach.

#2: Avoid Comparisons

Comparisons kill self esteem.

Always comparing our image, how well we do something or what we like is ludicrous. Yet we live in a society where everywhere you look there are feke images of perfection and expectation.

The fact is there is only one job vacancy available and it is you, all the others are taken. When you stop comparing yourself with others and start looking at your self self esteem begins to bloom.

It is not a case of, "O, I do not look as good as the air brushed model." This is comparing. "I like this dress and how I feel in it." Is just accepting you for where you are at. And acceptance does not mean that you are not growing. It just means that wherever you are in life you can accept that. At the end of the day, we are all a work in progress.

Also, seeing that you have skills, but rather than comparing with others looking at your skills, seeing that you are gifted and then asking yourself, "What can I do today to get even better at what I do?"

STOP comparing.

#3: Show yourself some love.

"But how Rob?" I hear you cry.

Well, how would you show love and take care of someone else.

You may treat them from time to time, speak nicely to them. Encourage them to eat healthy and to do a little bit of exercise. You may share wisdom and knowledge, to encourage their learning and growing. I think you can see where I am going with this.

Do these things, show yourself some self compassion. Eat healthy, exercise as regularly as you can. Learn new things about things that interest you and treat yourself when you have done well, or you have got through a challenging time.

Self compassion builds resilience and inner strength. When you put this into action your self esteem can take more of a knock. You become stronger in yourself and you can feel good.


Developing Self Esteem/ Love is not an over night process, however, by putting just these three steps into action you can begin to notice a change in you. Make that change in you and your life will also change for the better.

If you are struggling with low self esteem and any of the side effects of this, anxiety, low moods, lack of drive then why not book a FREE CHAT today. We can talk about how when we work together I can help you boost your self esteem, better your life and to feel good.

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