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Past Life Regression, in theory & practice..

If you have never explored Past Life Regression it can sound possibly a little daunting. For a start, need to believe in past lives to experience regression? What are the benefits?

For lots of people however it is a way to resolve issues and blocks in this lifetime, gain understanding as to your life purpose and to get answers to some of the bigger questions that we may face.

In Theory

Theory number one is that you have been here before. That the soul, a part of us that transcends the lifetime of the physical body returns to a new life (re-incarnation) after death. That there is a journey for the soul that leads back to the source. Each lifetime we have lessons to learn and when we have learnt all we must the journey stops and we no longer have to come back to the wheel of death and life. Re-incarnation is a belief of several religions and a lot of New Thought ideas hold with the idea.

Theory number two is universal consciousness. That what we perceive as past lives are part of a collective universal consciousness that some call God. When we access trance, meditation or have moments of recall we glimpse memories stored in this vast field of consciousness. So they are not so much memories of our previous lives but can be the recall of a number of experiences, stored in this vast record.

Our final theory is that it is all just made up. That the imagination creates the memory. Our minds take in way more information than we are aware of. This is stored unconsciously and when we enter trance, have moments of familiarity that make us think we have been somewhere before or through meditation glimpse a past life, it is literally just a flight of fantasy.

In Practice

Now, based on my experience of working with people, I would like to share my thoughts upon the theories, which is right. This can be summed up quite succinctly.

It does not matter!

That is right, it really does not matter. The fact is that when people chose to work with past lives, regardless of whether what they experience is real or not, the benefot they gain is completely authentic. People change there lives through exploring past lives. Whether it is the solution to a problem, gaining a sense of purpose, letting go of a habit, limiting thought pattern or healing. People, such as yourself benefit from exploring their past lives.

For me as a hypnotist, the result is what matters. If someone comes to me and an aspect of their life is making them unhappy, if they find the solution to the problem, discover their happiness then whether the theory of that experience is right or not is irrelevant. Whether the experiencer is really visiting a past life or the experience is just a metaphor for the problem that needs attention does not matter as long as you make positive change to your life.

If this article has interested you and you would like to make positive change through exploring past life regression you can book an appointment by clicking on the image of the girl bathed in sunshine.

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